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DS212 SLOW with two routers

Discussion in 'Synology' started by Ephesian, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Ephesian

    Ephesian New Around Here

    Nov 23, 2012
    I am getting slow speeds on my DS212 (43MBps read and write, expecting 110 read, 54 write). Have tried disabling indexing and all packages; not much help. Data is below; suggestions?

    Network setup:

    DS212 (and laptop) connected to WRT310N V2 router (DD-WRT, gigabit, Wireless N, configured as switch). WRT310N V2 router connected to ActionTec MI424WR-GEN3I router (Fios, DHCP server, manual port forwarding).

    (Do I understand correctly that since the laptop and NAS are on the same "switch" that the other router isn't engaged when they communicate?...)


    As measured with Intel NASPT


    As expected from Intel NASPT (from this article)


    As measured with NAS performance tester 1.4:

    Average (W): 43.89 MB/sec
    Average (R): 43.62 MB/sec

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