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DS412+ Performance - Does this look right?

Discussion in 'Synology' started by Ultragc, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Ultragc

    Ultragc Occasional Visitor

    Oct 16, 2009
    Hi All,

    Just setup my new TS412+. It it connected to a gigabit switch. Yesterday, I tested copying 68GB from my laptop (connected via network cable to the switch)to the share drive. The copy consist of about 10,000 files (mix of photo and videos). It took about 35 minutes with speed ranging from 25-30mbps.

    I later did some more testing but this time using a freeware called "LAN Speed Test (Lite)". Here are the results:


    100MB: Writing = 68Mbps, Reading = 68 Mbps
    1GB: Writing = 66Mbps, Reading = 71 Mbps


    100MB: Writing = 315Mbps, Reading = 290 Mbps
    1GB: Writing = 539Mbps, Reading = 289 Mbps

    So, based on the above results, does the stats look right :confused:? Let me know if there are other free tools I can use to test this.

  2. Ultragc

    Ultragc Occasional Visitor

    Oct 16, 2009
    UPDATE: NAS performance tester 1.4.

    Running a 1000MB file write on drive Z: 5 times...
    Iteration 1: 71.44 MB/sec
    Iteration 2: 69.37 MB/sec
    Iteration 3: 72.01 MB/sec
    Iteration 4: 72.35 MB/sec
    Iteration 5: 69.72 MB/sec
    Average (W): 70.98 MB/sec

    Running a 1000MB file read on drive Z: 5 times...
    Iteration 1: 47.56 MB/sec
    Iteration 2: 48.03 MB/sec
    Iteration 3: 47.93 MB/sec
    Iteration 4: 47.57 MB/sec
    Iteration 5: 47.97 MB/sec
    Average (R): 47.81 MB/sec
  3. Ephesian

    Ephesian New Around Here

    Nov 23, 2012
    On the tin, the DS412+ says:

    So it looks slow to me, especially since your read is significantly less than your write. I'm no expert, but if you are only running with one ethernet cable instead of 2 (without link aggregation), you should still expect half of the posted speeds: 91 write and 102 read. Your write may be close enough for a "real world" environment (though you would get double that with link aggregation?), but read is too low.

    I have a similar question for my DS212, which I posted separately here.

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