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Since 2017, I’ve been using two single bay 8TB WD My Cloud (JBOD) at about 80% capacity. One drive as primary media for Plex, the second as a backup drive. When the backup drive recently failed, I decided to take better safeguards for my data with the following:
  • Install a new 4-bay Synology DS920+ NAS
  • Run Plex server on the NAS rather than on my PC.
  • Increase all future drives as 10TB each.
  • Of the four-bay NAS, two drives will be defined as JBOD, two will be defined as RAID 1. I understand there are other RAID options for protecting data and increasing read/write speeds.
QUESTION: I'm new to Synology products. On the DS920+, I have defined all users and permissions, but haven't seen examples of how folders are structured. At this time, I only have one HDD. I’m using Synology FILE STATION to define the folders below (volume 1 only), but I want to confirm the structure before loading 7TB of media from my original 8TB HDD. After installing PLEX, I'll map the folders below from Volume 1. Is this the correct structure? Thanks

Shared Folders / Volume1 / MOVIES
Shared Folders / Volume1 / TV SHOWS
Shared Folders / Volume1 / MUSIC
Shared Folders / Volume1 / PICTURES
Shared Folders / Volume1 / VIDEOS (Home)

Once I buy a second drive, it will look like the following.

Shared Folders / Volume2 / MOVIES
Shared Folders / Volume2 / TV SHOWS
Shared Folders / Volume2 / MUSIC
Shared Folders / Volume2 / PICTURES
Shared Folders / Volume2 / VIDEOS (Home)

Soon afterward, I will buy two more 10TB drives for the last two open bays and set them up as RAID 1.

Shared Folders / Volume3/ MOVIES
Shared Folders / Volume3 / TV SHOWS
Shared Folders / Volume3 / MUSIC
Shared Folders / Volume3 / PICTURES
Shared Folders / Volume3 / VIDEOS (Home)

Shared Folders / Volume4 / MOVIES
Shared Folders / Volume4 / TV SHOWS
Shared Folders / Volume4 / MUSIC
Shared Folders / Volume4 / PICTURES
Shared Folders / Volume4 / VIDEOS (Home)

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