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DSM 7.2-64561 Released

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DS220+ and DS218j upgraded. Did not like the prompt to activate (troublesome) 2FA. I do not allow access to the NAS from the WAN. Only via VPN.

FWIW this upgrade has to be done with a manual download. Be sure to read the notes before accepting the upgrade.
Always Read Before Install!
Just like all the Forum Members do before RMerlin FW upgrades.
I also do not have my NAS open, except via vpn, and the 2FA was New.
Followed the Synology Forums throughout their beta/RC stages, and I did not install any but Updates, since the NAS is Mission Critical.
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FWIW this upgrade has to be done with a manual download.
Same for the DS218+. Release Notes explicitly list a good number of models (approx 48) that won't receive notification of the 7.2.x update and have to be manually updated instead. Haven't updated from 7.1.x to 7.2.x yet, keeping an eye on the Synology forums for a while to see if any major issues in 7.2 crop up before rolling 7.2.x into the DS218+.

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