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I have a DS1515+, and honestly, the only thing I use it for is file storage, and Plex. I do not have it exposed to the outside world. I am really tempted to stay on DSM 6 for as long as possible.
I also have a DS212J that I use for backing up the 1515+, That one is still on DSM 4 - as anything newer and the speed of the SHR drops by 50%.

I read the DSM 7 uses quite a bit more resources compared to DSM 6. I would almost want to perform some kind of RAM update first before jumping to that. I don't know, just rambling

Clark Griswald

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Tl;dr Waiting for DSM 7 Final

I have followed the online discussions on DSM 7, and the beta to RC seems to be doing well. Many 3rd party apps need to be updated (obviously), but the overall experience seems to be positive.
I am focused on the migration of their Moments/Photo Station with DSM 7. My Family has been backing their "devices" to the NAS, and any change in fluidity will cause issues.
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