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Hi all

I am not sure if what I am trying to do is possible under Dual WAN, but hoping that it is.

Here (in Sri Lanka) we have some "unlimited" data packages for Social media; because they are throttled (around 1 mbps) they are only offered for mobile connections
Great for when we're out and about, but a nuisance at home to have to disconnect from wifi to avail of it

I have an AC68, and have connected a mobile connection via the USB port and am trying to setup routing rules for it so that the social media requests are routed to that, and the remainder of the traffic uses the regular broadband connection.

The rules appear to work when I give a specific IP, but there are way too many IPs in use to be managed (even when Merlin ups the table to 64 entries instead of the default 32)

In the text box to enter the IPs it says "Please input IP address or IP address/netmask or all" but I can't figure out how to enter a net mask.
The text box does allow to type a "/", provided I've entered an IP before it (4 numbers separated by 3 dots), but it only allows me to enter digits after it, and not that many digits (max input length is 18 characters)

Thanks in advance


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Thanks Colin; I seem to have it more-or-less working for YouTube (with a set of CIDR records for YouTube sourced from the internet). But I am also noticing some traffic on the SIM (it has a general data allowance as well). I'm wondering

1. Is this because I'm diverting some IPs to the router that are not in the YouTube space as detected by the ISP (I had initially put too many records and even my google searches were getting diverted)?
2. Is this because it is configured under load balancing mode (the max ratio I could set is 9:1) and some of the general traffic is being diverted to that connection? In that case, to ensure all other traffic is routed to the main connection, I'd have to make additional entries for the rest of the IPv4 space


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I don't use dual WAN but my assumption would be that any traffic that doesn't have explicit routing rules would be split 9:1 between the two connections.


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I added a catch-all rule at the end ( and to Primary WAN) so hopefully that will kill the load-balancing
(couldn't do as it didn't accept the first number being 0; the 2nd rule could've been 128 but there seemed some aesthetic symmetry in making it 129 )

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