EasyTether on R7000 running Merlin

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So i have a netgear R7000 and its loaded with asuswrt-merlin. I am attempting to run Easytether on it also. I am a novice at playing around with these embedded Linux environments but do enjoy to tinker. I downloaded the package for easytether for this device chipset and attempted to install it but the package installer would not allowing me to install due to kmod-tun missing and the kernel version not up to date. In order to attempt to force the software to install i extracted the package archive and copied the easytether binary onto the router and set its executable flag. The first time i tried to run it, the executable failed to load giving an error about TUN service not available. i was able to get around this problem by running the command "modprobe tun" and then rerunning the easytether binary. the binary seems to function and not cause the router to die so far, when i plug my phone into the usb 2.0 port the phone asks me to verify a connection and then proceeds to connect and will stay connected as decribed in the #1 from the quote i took from easytether website below.

The only problem it seems is that im guessing somehow the TUN/TAP socket must be bound the the WAN #2 socket but i am unsure what command needs to be run in order to accomplish this. Looking at easytethers website it shows this command needs to run on openwrt firmware in order to bind the sockets as #2 from the quote i took from easytethers website....

  1. Finally you should see the status in the EasyTether phone-side application changes to "Connection established". Note on Android 4.2.2 onwards your will first see the RSA fingerprint prompt (this is the Android system feature), accept it. <---- this works
  2. Using OpenWrt web UI, configure the EasyTether network interface (tap-easytether) to use DHCP and make it part of your WAN zone. The same task can be accomplished via SSH of course, e.g. add in your /etc/config/network:
    config interface 'wan'
    option ifname 'tap-easytether'
    option proto 'dhcp'
I cannot find a file similar to whats described by easytether that exists in openwrt firmware in the asuswrt-merlin firmware.

Perhaps one of the developers can be kind enough to add a third option called "Easytether" to the drop down for wan #2 if the easytether binary exists in a certain directory and do the binding requirements, it seems it should be very trivial to make this work for someone with the knowledge and experience with the firmware.
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