Factory reset after firmware update question

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Lee MacMillan

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I've had my AC66U-B1 for almost 2 years. Never had an issue and it serves my needs just fine. I have 18 or so connection devices and 8-10 are connected (though usually not more than 2 or 3 active) at any given time. All but 2 are wireless.

I got the Asus and ditched my TP-Link (and its 2 year old firmware) due to Asus regular firmware updates. I've kept this router updated and always updated via the router built-in firmware upgrade routine. I have never done a factory reset after a firmware upgrade although I keep reading that's recommended.

I have two questions: 1) what are the potential negative effects of not doing a factory reset, and 2) if I save my configuration, can I restore it after a factory reset and not have to go through the entire setup process again?


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1. If you restore a saved backup config file you lose the benefits of a full reset to factory defaults. It is useful though to get back quickly to where you were. ;)

2. If your network is working as you want and expect, then there is no negative to doing 'dirty' upgrades. However, if you have random glitches and bugs that no one else seemingly gets, doing a full reset to factory defaults gets you back to a good/known state so that proper troubleshooting can be done. Rather than going on a wild goose chase from potential interactions from older firmware versions and new(er) settings/defaults that don't get applied by doing just a 'dirty' upgrade instead.

Keep using and enjoying your router while it works as you want. If there is an issue, a 15 to 30-minute reset to factory default process (please see my signature below for the link to the M&M Config to get your router to a good/known state) is one of the first things I would do if a quick google search doesn't bring a solution instead. :)

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