file transfer across my LAN locking up the router

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ac3100, 384.16_beta2 , no usb based apps at all (ignore my signature list).

something odd happened, and i'm wondering if anyone has advice or a solution on this. i have an old wd mycloud nas which transfers files at about a 35mbps rate, which is fine because i mostly use it for hdhomerun dvr features, and it's a public published volume anyone on my lan can use. my teen has the latest win10pc on a nic card, both are on a 1gig dumb switch off the router. normally everything works without a hitch. so today my kid takes an old usb2 ext hdd plugged into the usb3 port of his pc, to take video files off the nas over the lan. but every time windows explorer transfers a few gigabytes of files, the transfer hangs and so does my router! later (when family is sleeping) i'm going to try doing this on an older slower notebook using usb2 ports and see if that works without issues, but meantime i was wondering if anyone has experienced this sort of thing, and if maybe there's some setting buried in my router i need to be aware of. i myself on a different older pc copy hdd files on and off this nas over the lan, and have never noticed any issues. so it must have something to do with this new pc or the usb2 on usb3 port that's throwing off the timing bad enough for the router to have issues with it.


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Why are you running an old Beta firmware still? :)

Was the computer used, rebooted recently? Did the files transferred have viruses? Is the 'old ext HDD' healthy?

I don't see this being an issue with the router itself (except for possibly the beta firmware on it). :)


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I'm gonna suggest checking your cables, and not just the ones going to your Son's machine.
I've seen a faulty cable cause similar on large data transfers, turned out it was a cable connected to something completely different.

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