From an AIMesh main router, can you monitor clients/usage/etc on a non-AIMesh Asus router set to repeater mode?

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I have an AX86U and I just bought a cheap second hand AC66U to use as a satellite AP for the small area that is not covered by the AX86U. The AC66U doesn't support AIMesh which doesn't bother me, since the only real practical benefit for AIMesh vs Repeater Mode is the seamless AP roaming which I won't need for my use, plus I prefer having manual control over the settings. But a very neat if less practical benefit of AIMesh is that you can see the connected clients to all nodes and other useful statistics. Would I be able to see that information with another Asus router in repeater mode form the main router? Or would I have to connect to the repeater router every time I wanna see what's going on on its network?

And a more general version of this question: With an Asus router, is there a way to see client data of any Wi-Fi extender connected to your network? Does 3rd party firmware allow this?

Thank you!

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