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Gnuton's 388.5 uploaded 12/29 isn't

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Just saw this morning that Stable: 3004.388.5_0-gnuton1 was made available Dec. 29.

Fetched a copy for my XT8 v1 and wanted to see what was different from its beta just prior.

Turns out, so it seems, that it's actually a recompile/release of 388.4 and not one of its own beta.

Except for embedded timestamps &c. the only file different from 388.4 (checked only for the XT8) is /usr/sbin/wget which appears to now have no version number plus a couple of library calls extra.

Have compared .5b1 with .5 for a few models with results all the same. Missing (now again - as in .4) the xt_TEE.ko module; and Advanced_WireguardClient_Content.asp, index.asp , and QoS_Stats.asp all being the same as in .4 as opposed to those in .5b1

Would've submitted on his github but didn't want to create an account do do so.
Since I already installed 388.5 - would you recommend switching to another firmware? So far 388.5 seems to run pretty good here.
Upon eliminating all the similarities in his source code drops pertaining to .4 and .5 the only thing new in .5 pertains to one/some TUF models, primarily in the web interface for better control of something (or so it appeared in a casual glimpse).

.5 Beta has the re-inclusion of a kernel module which had gotten neglected at some point, and some better/fixed GUI control functions.

I feel the 388.5 release should've been called 388.4.1 instead. It literally backsteps the .5 Beta "fixes" across the board for a single-system(?) change from .4.

If you're not running any TUF version equipment your best bet is the .5 Beta at the time of this post.

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