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Got some IPV6 question on Asus Merlin

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New Around Here
Hey there.

I'm new here but i use Asus Merlin have a few years.

I got some weird question about IPV6, i can access IPV6 this time, but I can't get IPV6-PD.'

Everything is running with SLAAC this time


Also I already tried connect my computer directly to the ONT, IPV6-PD it's work for me and the SLAAC will disable for me.

Here's my router IPV6 setting is
Connection Type: Passthrough
Release prefix on exit: Enable
Connect to DNS Server automatically: Enable

Although IPV6 can also work for me this time. but i don't want to lose the functions that i can use normally from my ISP.
what functions are those?
I generally suggest people go to ipv6.he.net/certification and take the first 2-3 levels in an hour or two because their router config will become more intuitive upon completion.
It's free and time well spent and provides you other tools you may find handy.

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