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GT-AX11000E - Random DNS Resolution Errors on Wireless Devices - Where Should I Look at? DNSCrypt or DNSMasq or Else?

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Hi All,

I upgraded from AX88U to AXE11000, and had been having issues with random DNS resolution errors since the beginning.

I installed Diversion for adblocking and DNSCrypt for DNS resolution / encryption.

I had noticed that on my wireless clients, once every several minutes I would run into a DNS resolution hiccup. Webpages will fail to load and return "DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE" error. Usually in about a minute or two the issue would go away. During which some of my devices (e.g. my Galaxy S22 phone) will just get booted from WiFi and switch to LTE.

I have no idea whether it would happen simultaneously across multiple devices. Syslog / DNSMasq log didn't reveal anything useful at the time the issue took place.

For DNSCrypt I used to use exclusively ODoH servers and right now local DoH servers. Both setup acted the same way.

The other apps I installed were YazFi and Skynet. Running the latest Merlin. Interestingly on my guest WiFi (w/ VPN and plain Google / CloudFlare DNS) I never had the issue.

I don't use wired connection as much but I don't think I have run into said issues with it. I only had WiFi 6 / 6E enabled.

Can anyone please point me to the things I should look at? For those on ODoH / DoH are you experiencing the same issue as well?

Thank you very much in advance.


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Update - I ended up factory resetting my router and wiping the entire external drive that hosts the scripts. Switched to adguardhome and all is well again. Never felt so smooth and stutter free.

I'm guessing it's either DNSCrypt-proxy (90% likely) and / or Diversion that was the culprit. Right now I'm running the same set of servers previously set up in DNSCrypt-proxy without issues. I did configure Diversion to be using "large" blocking list so that might also contribute to slowdowns. As I noticed when CPU / mem usage was full (e.g. when setting up a swap file) the router refuses to resolve any requests.

None of the ODoH servers are usable in adguard home.

I'll probably give my original setup another chance if I get hold of a new ASUS router. Right now I am not too satisfied with my AXE11000 (simple config change requires a refresh that functions like a mini reboot & takes a long time to be available from actual reboot)

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