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GT-AX6000 $299

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I don't need it as I just got the AX86u and it's working well. If I was in the market for a router 50 extra over the AX86u it seems great.
I purchased one on Tuesday, arrived today. :)
It was about time for hardware changes @Smokey613. I was about to ask you if everything is okay with you. :)
Yes, you know how it is…. :) I know I have said this before but…. I may be at a stopping point. I no longer have 2 ISP connections, the CenturyLink lack of support when someone digs up their shallow buried fiber was bad. The AX6000 is able to reach all my IoT devices without the need for a AiMesh node.

I turned off all AX features, basically turning it into an AC unit but in this mode it actually works slightly better than the AC86U. I only have 3 AX capable devices but with my low bandwidth it doesn’t matter.

It is actually nice to have a simple setup and my wife will appreciate it. I will say, this thing is a lot quicker responding than the AC86U with all the “extras” installed.

I have my cable modem in bridged mode and the AX6000 connected to it. Makes for a simple setup.
UPDATE: I disabled Smart Connect and Roaming Assistant, set the same SSID on both bands. I enabled AX services on the 5G band only. So far, this GT-AX6000 is working great. Other than looking like a giant alien bug on it’s back, I think this unit will serve my network for some time.
$300 again, coupon code on page

edit: just in case code


AND a free t-shirt!
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