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YazFi guest network clients not using YazFi subnet

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Asus Router RT-AC88U: Merlin 386.2
AirMesh Node RT-AC68U:
YazFi: v4.2.0

Not sure when this started happening, i just happened to notice it after i applied the 386.2 update. What i found some times is that clients on guest network get the subnet. YazFI is configured to use (2.4GHz) and (5GHz).

If i bound the client to the main router then it would get the correct subnet and ip on the device confirmed that (however the UI still shows the IP addr in subnet.) and yazfi cli shows it as a connected client. If the client was bound to the airmesh node ip shown on the device was in subnet and i could see dns queries from this device showing up in my local dns server which guest network does not have access to.

I have seen this happen with a couple of devices that always connect to guest network and sometimes they get the ip in the correct subnet and some times they do not.

I have also tried restarting the router and the airmesh node and it did not help. I was curious if any one else has seen this? and if any one has any pointers on how i could fix this.
YazFi doesn't work on Aimesh nodes. The guest network on the node will be unrestricted
YazFi doesn't work on Aimesh nodes. The guest network on the node will be unrestricted
ah ok that explains why i saw this behavior. I understand with 386.x you could have guest networks use airmesh as well. Will look into how i can disable airmesh for guest network.
@Bigdesaster go to Guest Network settings, select the Guest Network you may have and you Router Only. You will restrict the Guest Network only to the Aimesh Router, the Aimesh nodes won't propagate the Guest ones.

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 5.28.36 PM.png
Thank you robertofelix,
but this setting is only available for guest_1.
I need 2 guest networks with this option
I'm sure Asus will be working on that when they get the 1st guest network bulletproof.

Coming soon to a router near you.
it's something i want to add, but there's too many issues with guest syncing (protocol is buggy in logs, packet loss etc.) and i dont want to add anything until Asus have fixed it
Hey Jack I'm one of the many waiting for this feature. Where would be the best place to check from time to time to see if it's been released? GitHub?

Thanks for everything!
For folks who need no-intranet guest network with internet routed through VPN client on all AiMesh nodes, I found a solution. It does not use YazFi.

My prerequisites:
  • RT-AX86S as main AiMesh router, fw 386.7_2
  • Three nodes, one running Merlin, others stock, all connected to the main router directly with ethernet cables
Solution, in a nutshell:
  1. Setup VPN Director rules to route guest net clients to internet via VPN.
  2. Add firewall forwarding rule to allow guest subnet to communicate with VPN client subnet.
  3. Change DNS from router IP to some public service IP for guest net.
Posted detailed instructions on reddit:


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