Hardware recommendation for an AC88U connected bridge

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I have an AC88U set up as my primary router running Merlin that I absolutely love. Now I need to connect a wired ethernet device to it, but it's in a position that would be a giant hassle to run a wire to, so I'm thinking of just using a bridge. Even though a bridge is largely going to be a "dumb" device, I'd still like to find one that can run Merlin just because I'm so familiar and happy with it, but most of the devices that are supported appear to be full sized routers that would be overkill for this. So any suggestions on what could be a good candidate? (Of course, it's perfectly possible that I'm completely overthinking this and there's a much simpler solution I haven't thought of yet, so any feedback is appreciated.)


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The RT-AX56U is fairly small compared to other models.


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A cheap second hand RT-N66U (as I have with my AC88U) or RT-ACxx would also do very well if speed is not your main concern.
It may be worth checking Power Line Communication devices as well (?)

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