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Have a RT-AC86U with 52 clients need something better to handle this many clients. Need advice.

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The client list for the RT-AC86U is never accurate and hard to add some devices or lookup the correct IP for a device .
Thinking of getting a TP-Link ER7206 router with 4 TP - EAP615
APs . Not sure if Omada products is the way to go.
The Network Map on Asus routers have never been reliable. :)
Or, they have been 100% reliable, intermittently, for a few vocal posters.
Not sure if Omada products is the way to go.

One of the options. Perhaps the best price/performance SMB system. Not very clear for me why you want to replace one router with 4x APs though. Another forum member is building something similar in the thread below. Take a look. Start with less APs, add more if needed.

In my 3800sqft 3-level home I have 3 AC86U (not meshed) and they work great. My house has a ton of metal beams, concrete, etc which makes wifi difficult but I have >50 various devices (8 roam, others static) with 15x 1080p cams streaming 24x7.

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