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Help need to build a NAS Media Server (Wireless)

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New Around Here
Hi All, I am planning to build a NAS Media Server, since i am new to this domain, i am confused on what hardware is best/optimal for it, can you guys help me out to select the appropriate ones?. So below will be the list i will be needing to build up a NAS server.

1.NAS Server
1.4.SATA Controller Card (To increase the number of HD's in the future)
1.5.RAID Controller Card (Somewhere i read to better have it, is it true?)
1.6.Ethernet Cards (I am planning on 2, one for internet and file sharing and the second for HD media streaming to Tv's in future, are 2 required?)
1.8.Video Card
1.9.TV-Tuner (For future to record TV-Shows)
1.13.OS (WHS?)

2.Wireless Router (802.11n) (this also i am planning for 2, one for internet and file sharing and the second for HD media streaming to TV's in future, are 2 required? )

3.All the clients will have Wireless ethernet cards to access intenet and files from the media server (Should i go with internal cards or usb ones?)

I guess i am not missing any!, please provide you valuable input or even..., redirecting to links also is good

Thanks & Regards,
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