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Help - Untangle install QTOM j1900g4n boot from usb

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New Around Here
Long time lurker. Now I'm stuck
Attempting to install Untangle (untangle_1321_x64.img) to a QOTOM j1900g4n pre-installed with pfSense.

- Downloaded untangle_1321_x64.img to my PC running Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS 64-bit
- Created a bootable USB
per https://wiki.untangle.com/index.php/Installing_Untangle_from_USB
using UNetbootin by creating an ISO image to USB after first formatting USB as W95 FAT32 (LBA)

- Inserted the bootable USB drive into QOTOM mini pc
- Accessed QTOM BIOS (American Megatrends 5.009) via F11 key and set Boot priorities to USB
- F10 to Save and continue

And then it boots to pfSense.

I'm stuck. No idea why I can't boot from the USB.
It's not booting from USB. Do you have a USB CDROM you can try to boot from. The CDROM works better for me.
I do not have a way presently to write to a CD-ROM. Suppose I can figure that out if I need to.
Would like to understand how to use the USB, or to at least understand why the USB appears never to be read at boot.
Suspect it has something to do w/ the BIOS, but my best googlefu has not helped.
I'm not familiar with Qotom's devices, but one thing to check in general with modern computers when having trouble booting from USB is to ensure you are booting in legacy mode, not UEFI. That would be a BIOS setting (if Qotom has one for that).
Unetbootin can be a bit problematic with UEFI based boxes like the QOTOM

Try Rufus - https://rufus.akeo.ie

the Baytrail device (J1900) need UEFI to work correctly, so check the QOTOM bios settings to ensure that UEFI is enabled.

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