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Help with D-link DIR825 and Intel 5100 AGN

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I need some help. For some reason my new HP HDX16T with Intel 5100 AGN wifi card can't seem to connect to the DIR-825 on 5Ghz on wifi N. The DIR is on the latest firmware 1.12. As far as I've seen the WIFI card also has the latest approved Wifi driver from HP. I've tried switching from 20 and 40 widths. The notebook sees the N SSID and tries to connect to it but after a while it'll say, it cannot. I've tried totally removing encryption but still no go.

Could someone give me a tip on what else to try?

Thanks in advance.

No Good. I tried with the latest driver from intel which is 64-Bit and what's worse, it doesn't even see the SSID for the 5 Ghz.

Any other suggestions?

Ok. Will try tonight. I'll give you an update later.

Corruption in your router setup? try to default your router and setup again. If not, make sure your Intel client is not defective. Take it somewhere with a known good 5Ghz AP and connect.
I also checked in the D-link logs and found this message

5GHz Band dlink_media: Wireless system with MAC address xxxxxxxxxxxx disconnected for reason: Received Deauthentication

However, I was running the 5Ghz unsecured. (Just to try to link it).

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