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My problem. I want to automate the light in the "toilet room" in my master bathroom. Most of the day, the ambient light is good to illustrate the area. At night, there is a night light that is bright enough - so you can see. The issue is dusk and dawn. Ambient light and the night light is not bright enough to see in this room. I installed a PIR smart light switch (Kasa Smart WiFi Motion Sensor Switch #KS200M) thinking I could program it to only turn on the light, in the room, at dusk and at dawn only. It is very adjustable, but I can't figure out how to get it to do what I want or if it's capable of doing what I want? I want the light to come on when you enter the room only during dusk and dawn. Help please!

In theory you need motion sensor plus smart switch with dusk/dawn schedule connected in series. The light will come on only in dusk/dawn hours and when motion sensor is triggered. I don't know if IoT device like this exists. I personally have light switches with tiny LED dots showing where they are and using my hands to turn the lights on/off.
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Either find another product that does what you need specifically, or, just use a physical switch to turn the light on as needed during those dusk/dawn hours. I'm sure you've spent more time trying to solve this than any benefit received.
Bit weird because using a Tapo light sensor and Tapo bulbs you can set up two routines, one to be active Sunset-X to Sunset+X and another Sunrise-X to Sunrise+X. If you use the colour-changing bulbs you can even have the luminosity (bluntly) auto-set based on the time of day.
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