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How Can I Get a Gigabit Connection In Every Room?

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I have a gigabit connection and an old house without any ethernet wiring. It'll take a few months before I can get it wired, so what's a good temporary solution? I have some money to spend and my current setup consists of three Asus XT8s and one Asus router. The house is 3500 square feet and there's also a detached guest house. With a Powerline ethernet setup, I'm able to get around 20 Mbps in the guest house, but at least the latency is okay. In the house, I get around 100 Mbps with a wired backhaul XT8 setup.

I've already implemented a Powerline setup which has been okay, but I'd like something better. I had a thought to get extremely long ethernet cables and run them from the garage into the house to get higher quality wired backhauls to the XT8 nodes. Even though this would be an ugly setup, I don't mind it if I'm able to get close to gigabit in the entire house and guest house.

Are there any other options that wouldn't take more than 30 minutes to set up and would give me gigabit access in every room?
Powerline adaptors are below wireless for consistency and reliability. This wouldn't even be my last option (even if it seems to work for you today).

If you have some money to throw at the problem, you can get a few 4x4:4 routers, set them up in Media Bridge mode (to the main router), and connect each of those to the XT8s for wireless connectivity (Media Bridge mode only offers wired connectivity).

The RT-AX86U would be ideal for that (and you can re-purpose them/sell them when you finally wire up the home).
I have a pair of XT8 while the router is in living room and the node is in 2nd fl. The backhaul connection is wireless (5GHz-2).
When my desktop computer connects the node with wired ethernet in the 2nd floor, I can access my NAS connected to the router with ethernet in living room at about 1Gbps.
In fact, my wife's notebook connects to the node with WiFi 6, it can still access the NAS with about 8XXMbps.

I believe you may still be able to get a number close to 1Gbps by adding more nodes in between since the wireless backhaul is as fast as 2.5Gbps.
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