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How can I identify a mystery device on my network?

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When I log into my router and inspect the network map, there are two devices I cannot identify. They're listed only by their IP addresses and MAC addresses. One is listed as an Apple device, but the listed MAC address doesn't match any of my devices. I don't recognize the other device's MAC address, and it stalls in the device space with "loading manufacturer."

I tried entering the MAC addresses in several online identifiers, but all of them report the addresses as not found. I should also mention that I don't think any of my neighbors are piggybacking on my network.

How can I identify these devices? Do I have to shut off all my apps and devices one at a time until I hit on the right one, or is there an identifier that I missed?
Can be disabled in settings for specific networks.

Yes, disable it. You don't need it on your home network.
As an update, I'm trying to disable clients I don't recognize. I'm signed into my RT-AX86u router (firmware is up to date) on my iMAC. I'm going into General > Network Map > Client Status. When I click on a client, I'm turning the "Block Internet Access" switch to "ON," but when I then click Apply and go back into the Client status to check, it's off again. How do I get "Block Internet Access" to work (stay on)? What am I doing wrong?
Not sure why that doesn't work - I've used that in the past and it worked. Maybe you can instead change the wifi password and then update the clients one at a time? See if one of the updates brings back the mystery device. I once had an Amazon device use a secret mac address to try find it's way to the Internet. Lol.
I think I found the problem--I disabled those clients on my iPhone app instead of on my Mac. Turns out it's my iPhone! Must be that random private wifi addresses, referred to by dave14305 back in message #2.

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