How many wifi device can RT-AC68U handle as being AiMesh node until dropping device connectivity? (those with 2.4Ghz)?

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Hello, I have AiMesh network formed by RT-AC86U main AiMesh and AC68U as AiMesh node. I just upgraded to 386.1 and notice that 5Ghz devices being dropped/disconnected once AC68U getting crowded like 10-15 devices (some 2.4 and 5Ghz in the mix).

It's also causing the AC68U disconnect/reconnect to the AiMesh network time to time (not specifically to 386.1 upgrade as I also experienced while on 384.18 as well.. It happened once AC68U getting crowded by number of mobile devices connected to AC68U.

Beside, anyone formed AiMesh network (Merline of course) by AX86U main and AC86U node? How are the performance and coverage?

Thank you very much for everyone time, effort!

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