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How to: Internet hotspot access (wifi) secured and shared to WAN of ASUS Router

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I have a desire to provide our Train club with Internet access (0$) through our ASUS AC-3200 that already services our local internal use wifi for our devices (pc's, cameras). I'm trying to establish the connection with our township "open" Wifi.
We finally got the town to move their AP closer to our club building and we are able reach a good signal.

What am I looking to do? Any Gudiance!
!. Tether into WAN port or router?
2. Bridge a PC with wifi adapter to ethernet > router WAN?
3. Windows or Linux?

Any helpful low budget direction would be appreciated.
Your router doesn't natively support Wireless WAN connections. You need to use additional hardware. Typically that would some sort of Ethernet to wireless bridge.

If you have another spare Asus router that supports "Media Bridge" mode you could use that. Otherwise look at the posts in these forums discussing "Hotel Wi-Fi" and "Travel Router" solutions from the likes of GL.iNet.
Typically that would some sort of Ethernet to wireless bridge.
Yeah, using a wireless bridge allows you to extend the Wi-Fi network from the township while still utilizing your existing ASUS router for local Wi-Fi connections and management.

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