How to set up Wireguard properly to connect to Qnap NAS?


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Hi, I am trying to figure out how to get my wireguard on my RT-AX88U merlin firmware 388.1 setup so that I can access my NAS. I have attached a few pictures to show my current settings (no idea if they are correct though). I am running the wireguard app on my phone on LTE and trying to connect to the NAS remotely but i am unable to get a ping. Any help would be much appreciated!


Ola Malmstrom

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Hi! I haven't used Wireguard so maybe this is not of any use to you....

However I set up 2 OpenVPN servers on my AX88U. I can connect to both of them through my phone using LTE, through my laptop using LTE or through my laptop on any other wifi LAN. It isn't that fast for large scale file transfers, but works well enough for management purposes. I can access all devices on my LAN (including a QNAP NAS) as well as my secondary back-up QNAP NAS on my brother-in-laws LAN.

I have been considering trying Wireguard, but since I got OpenVPN to work 2 years ago, why change?

It took some fiddling to get it to work, but the most important thing was the IP address ranges on the network I try to access. They need to be completely different.

For example:
My local IP address range is -
My local IP address range in Spain is -
My brother-in-law's local IP address range -

Those address ranges are just examples, not the real ones.

If we have the same local IP address ranges in the two LANs we try to connect it will not work.

When I have started the OpenVPN client outside of my home, I can access a device on my private LAN using it's local IP address.


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Thanks for your response. i managed to get it working via OpenVPN instead as wireguard was giving me too many issues. Thanks again!

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