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How to speed test NAS shared drive in XP

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I got DNS-323 with 640 GB drive, connected with 100Mb router.

Theoretically, i should get ~= 12MB/s read/write from this setup. But I am getting ~=7MB/s in my manual copy/read test.

Is there any freeware tool available which can test reliably actual Read/Write.

I got my NAS drive shared as network drive on my XP laptop.

I used this tool to test one big file. Is this expected result?

Copy File Bench started...

Copy D:\installers\xyz.iso
Size: 2678614016
Time: 330938 ms
Transfer Rate: 7.719 MB/s

Copy File Bench ended

Read File Bench started...

Read file: S:\installers\xyz.iso
Size: 2678614016 bytes
Time: 312703 ms
Transfer Rate: 8.169 MB/s

Read File Bench ended
It is unlikely that you would ever approach 100 Mbps wire speed (12.5 MB/s) by using a Windows filecopy. Too much overhead that eats up bandwidth.

Does Copy File Bench provide a results similar to what you get if you just time a drag-and-drop transfer? If it does, then it's am appropriate test tool to use.

We use iozone for all of our NAS testing. It has very low overhead and so may tend to give higher throughput results than will be obtained using methods that more closely resemble Windows file copies.

Iozone's results are not intended to be "the truth" in terms of product performance. But since we use the same program with the same test setup, our test results accurately represent relative (not absolute) performance.

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