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Installing my TS 509...

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I've just received mine...

but I launch a RAID 5 creation. 3 hours later, still at 0%. Is it normal? (by the way, there is 5 HD of 1 TB each inside)
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And after installing Qnap finder, I see with the web interface, that only 3 disks of 5 are recognized... :(
I haven't seen any jumper config with hitachi disks, wonder if it's OK
This is likely stating the obvious but I'd power the unit down, and re-seat each drive before doing anything else. You may also want to use the QNAP finder's firmware update function and make sure you've got the latest firmware code loaded. Check that the drives are on the supported hardware list...then give the QNAP folks a call. There is a North American support number on your box. I'm curious to hear your impressions after the call to see how well they're doing with this support offering.
I've tested the disks within a computer. 3 of 5 aren't recognized. This hitachi disks were recommended by QNAP, but I won't annoy them with this. Bad luck on this one!
If 3 of 5 are not recognized on a PC, then I'd say you've got one very bad batch of disks there.

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