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intel 5300agn and wrt300n v1 with 1.03.3 FW

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I can only connect with Wireless G speeds (54 Mbps), and I'm sure that the N features of my adapter are turned on and the router is set to mixed mode and auto settings.

What can be the problem?

Are you going by the "speed" reported by Windows? Or have you run actual throughput tests?
That "speed" is the link or connection rate. That is the maximum bit rate that has been negotiated. Think of it like the 100 Mbps (of 1000 Mbps) reported when you plug into a router port.

It does mean, however, that for some reason the router and card are only negotiating an 802.11g rate.

If you are using WEP or WPA/TKIP security, then you will get only 802.11g rates.
You must use WPA/AES in order to get draft 11n speed (or no wireless security).

You also may need to dig into the Intel adapter properties and check that draft 11n is really enabled.
I know about the security issue which is why I.m using WPA2 right now but still stuck at G rates reported by Windows.

I am most certainly sure that the draft 11n is enabled in my adapter settings.

What can I do?
Latest WRT300N V1.1 firmware is 1.51.2. Any reason why you haven't upgraded?
FYI, I have the v1 of the wrt300n and not v1.1. There is no v1 in the US website of Linksys, please try to check Canada website for that version and you'll find out that 1.03.3 is the latest for that specific revision of the router.
i update my router to dd-wrt and i was able to connect at n speeds but my problem is that while im transferring large files over the network and at the same time surfing the net, the connection suddenly stops (im still connected to the router but i have no access to anything, i cant browse the net, i cant ping the router's setup page, no network activity, etc.).. why is this?

what is the recommended channel for the router?
ok. do you have ideas on my current problem? when that happens, i have to disconnect and reconnect again to have everything working again.
No, you should not. I don't have any further ideas for you, sorry.
I can only connect with Wireless G speeds (54 Mbps), and I'm sure that the N features of my adapter are turned on and the router is set to mixed mode and auto settings.

What can be the problem?

Connection and connection speed problems are notoriously hard to diagnose at a distance. There are so many possible variables that could be a possible source of trouble that it's hard/tedious to cover all of them. If possible, get another set of eyes to look at the problem. That's sometimes the only way I can get beyond whatever blinders I might have in a situation.

FWIW, in my own experience with computers it doesn't hurt to double or triple check the stuff I (think) I already know. In my own personal experience there have been too many times where I have mistakenly assumed that B must follow A and therefore never bothered to check on B.

If it were me, I would
  • Configure the router/AP to use only 802.11n
  • Position the client/STA to within about 10 feet of the router/AP (but not closer) to ensure signal strength is not a factor. (I vaguely remember Tim H saying having the client too close to the router can result in "overloading issues" which can reduce performance.)
  • Recheck the connection speeds advertised by both your router and and your laptop to see if the above changed anything.
  • Download and install an app like NetMeter and then transfer some large files to get a guesstimate as to what your actual throughput speeds are under these (more) optimal conditions.

Unfortunately, none of the above will probably fix your problem. But those are the sort of things I would do to try to better understand the problem.

-irrational john
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