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Intel SS4200-E Lives Again

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I'm going to be dark for a while. I bought a new Alder Lake i7 and Asus mobo today to rebuild my desktop/emby server 2 so I can then use it for active recording from CATV while I reconfigure emby server 1 and do a clean install of windows so I will be busy with that for a while. On top of that I recently got married and I have tons of stuff to do for her since she is a foreigner so I can get her legal status. I know I have a mobo with processor and cpu cooler upstairs in the closet that has an IDE port on it along with SATA so as soon as I get caught up and all my other hardware is up to code I will pull that out and get it running on the worktable long enough to make the image of my DOM so I can get the ball rolling on my Scaleo Home Server. I have a couple 500Gb WD Blacks I can throw in there just to test the unit and software. I am very thankful to have found you and I am very excited to pursue this when I have more time Samir.....thanks for all your help so far and in a couple weeks or so when I have time I will start working on this project and I will report back to you butt soon as I do.

Thanks again....talk to you soon
Totally understand! I've been only able to work on my ss4200-e units periodically over the last few years as I've had 'life' happen as well. :) Those 500GB WD Blacks will be perfect to test the ss4200-e. That's some extensive system reworking you have planned, so best wishes for all that to go smooth, and congrats on getting married! Ironically, I know exactly what that immigration process is for your wife is since a previous fiance of mine was foreign as well as my current wife (who is now a US citizen), so if you need a sounding board on that too, feel free to PM. Amazing how many things we have in common. :) Talk to you again soon!
So I have now acquired yet another ss4200-e that was fully running and came with drives. So I think that makes 5-6? ss4200-e's, several readynas units, a couple of qnaps, the lenovo, as well as several synology units. My oh my how my nas family has grown--and the ss4200-e lives on. :)

This particular unit is a Fujitsu unit that was probably originally sold without the dom, etc and then was converted as it looks like the other one that I have that was converted. This particular unit has only 512MB of ram and I think that's what accounts for the slower speeds I'm seeing from it--around 45MB/sec peak reading and 45MB/sec peak writing. I think once I upgrade the ram, it should be quicker.

I still haven't tried the 4x 4TB drives in a unit, and still haven't restored or upgraded my frankstein ss4200-e that I have to build--life still in the way. The one thing I'm considering doing with my newest unit is taking out the 4x 1TB drives and putting in 4x 3TB wd enterprise drives since I do have those handy as a capacity test that's >2TB but still <4TB. And then the other idea is to repeat my ssd test from a few years back since I just acquired some Dell m.2 ssds cheap along with m.2 sata adapters. It would be interesting to see if any advances in ssds has helped the transfer speeds.

What brought me back to this thread was that on this newest unit, it has the same command queue issue with 'spurious completions during NCQ' errors in dmsg since the 1TB drives are all HGST, and I was looking in /etc/init.d as mentioned in the ss4200-e wiki at pbworks.com (ss4200.pbworks.com) and noticed that it referred to an 'S99commandqueue' file that doesn't exist on my newest unit. And in re-reading this thread, apparently this file does exist on my other units, which is strange. My other units are in storage after some rearranging so once I get them online again, I'll need to look at this and maybe revisit the dual nic idea again as it appears there's a nic recognition routine at /etc/init.d/S39interfaces which specifically says that it looks for all attached nics at first boot:
# cat /etc/init.d/S39interfaces
#       find all attached NIC(s) and append to /etc/network/interfaces at first boot


if [ ! -f $ORIG_IF_FILE ]
        echo "auto lo" >> $TMP_FILE
        echo "iface lo inet loopback" >> $TMP_FILE

        for i in `ifconfig -a | grep eth | awk '{print $1}'`
                echo "auto $i" >> $TMP_FILE
                echo "iface $i inet dhcp" >> $TMP_FILE

        mv -f $IF_FILE $ORIG_IF_FILE
        mv -f $TMP_FILE $IF_FILE
I can't remember if this routine actually runs or not at first boot or was even completed since the hardware never ended up shipping with dual nics.

Dual nics may also be more of a possibility with the pcie to mpcie adapters that are available now, but these are typically still realtek based, which I don't know if are natively supported on the ss4200-e. There is a right angle adapter available for the pcie x1 slot from moddiy that might make mounting a regular nic possible since those are getting to be pretty tiny:

The problem will be sourcing some sort of legitimate Intel nic that would be smaller and with the older chipset. I don't think this would be possible outside of the 'gray area' sellers around the world. :(

The more I think and research this, it's really about what card the native e1000 driver will support. If this dell part fhnx8 is really genuine and is supported, it would be a winner:

Lots of used ones on ebay too:

I may have to look into a dual nic set up again--because the SS4200-e still lives on. :)

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