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Is Draytek suitable for novices?

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It’s time for a new router. My needs are modest; I just want reliable, secure hardware that performs well. Draytek seems like it could be a good option, particularly the Vigor 2135ax. (Yes, I’m aware of Draytek’s recent security fiasco!)

I’m not a total novice, but I don’t want to worry about convoluted configurations or a plethora of options. Perhaps—eventually—I’ll learn to bridge the router and use pfSense with Protectli. Until then, my ordinary 400 mbps connection will do. So, what do you think--is Draytek suitable for ordinary end-users like me?

Yes, one of the reasons I'm apprehensive about Draytek is the apparent lack of support, information, or other kinds of resources. There doesn't seem to be a large community of Draytek end-users.
It's only as complicated as you make it. It has a prosumer approach to the features you can use but, out of the box setup should be as simple as any other off the shelf router. The rest of it is just networking options that google or any forum should be able to assist with. If it's priced affordably you're getting enhanced options without the inflated price tag.
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