Is the Nighthawk RAX120 overkill as a vpn router?


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Gaming doesn’t really require much bandwidth, maybe like a few hundred kilobits per second at most in general. As for streaming even 4K maybe like 50-100 Megabits/s should be good enough.

As for VPN on a router, most Netgear routers including the RAX series don’t allow the use of third party VPN profiles. Some have PureVPN built in, but it is pretty slow and unreliable. ExpressVPN or NordVPN are pretty good. Asus I know allows third party VPN profiles on almost all their current models. The RAX120 definitely has the hardware for good VPN performance but software does not. I’d look at an Asus AC86U or AX88U if you need third party VPN support.
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I need a fast vpn router for online gaming and streaming from target.

How many PC’s or devices you want to have vpn connection . Do you do console or only PC.

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