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Issue with tun interface

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My router: Asus GT-AX6000
Firmware: asuswrt-merlin (+ entware)

I have a socks5 proxy on my router (by XTLS/Xray-core), the proxy itself is working fine
I want to use heiher/hev-socks5-tunnel that send all data with the proxy
First I noticed it fails to run because it couldn't create tun interface
After some searches I found the solution: I had to run "modprobe tun" command
tun2socks (hev-socks5-tunnel) started without error but I had connection issue
At first I thought my custom routing is the problem but It wasn't. The problem was the tun itself
I executed tun2socks without any custom routing and entered "curl --interface tun0 ipinfo.io" command to test the tun interface but curl simply fails and it can't get the response
Any suggestion to fix this issue ?
Thanks in advance
The firmware version is important to note.
Any reason you're not using 388.5? Or testing with 388.6 Alpha 1 (from yesterday)?

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