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New Around Here

I have 2 TUF-AX5400 routers: one main router which acts in AiMesh Router mode and the second one which acts as an AiMesh node (Both of them connected via cable). I'm having two issues that I can't seem to solve, and I would appreciate any help.

  1. There is an option to create up to 3 guest networks for each band type (e.g., for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz). For the first guest network of each band, there is an option to set "Guest network on AiMesh" -> All AiMesh nodes, which makes the first guest network also available on the AiMesh node. However, for the second and third guest networks, there is no such option, and they are only available on the main AiMesh router. How can I make the second and third guest networks also available on the AiMesh nodes? I'm trying to create a "guest network" for the IoT devices which are located near the AiMesh node and not near the main AiMesh router.
  2. For the IoT devices, I would like to set up a guest network where the wireless users of this guest network can see each other but cannot connect to clients on the regular network (e.g., clients outside of this specific guest network or clients connected by cables). Is there any way to achieve that? It seems that guest networks cannot see each other.
As a personal note, I'm disappointed with the AX-5400's options. It seems to lack many features that were available on my old TP-Link consumer routers, such as VLANs and more options for guest networks.

Thank you
You may have had a solution (via scripts) if you had an RMerlin-powered Asus router (but even then, it is not likely).

With stock firmware, you can only do what is exposed on the GUI.
The TUF-AX5400 does not supports RMerlin, Its a shame ASUS did not implemented Guest networks as all other brands.

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