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As part of the pfSense as UTM series I wrote an AntiApam section, because it was very technical, and because SpamD is included in pfSense 2.0, this section was not included in the published UTM series.

Since it was alot of work and an original solution that can be used as a model for integrating other FreeBSD packages that are not included in pfSense, mostly for packages that need rulesets defined on the fly (HoneyD, LaBrea, etc ) I thought I'd throw it up as a PDF available from GoogleDocs.

This has been tested with both 1.2.3 and 2.0, and has some interesting insights to the internals of pfSense. It also allows you to use the most recent version of SpamD, the version packaged in pfSense 2.0 RC3 is earlier.

Any feedback appreciated

Anti-Spam Final (PDF)
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