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Is there a reason to choose a log setting other than just for information? Can I safely set it to report less just to keep the entries minimal? I'm not having any issues with 384.18 and Diversion/Skynet so thought I might clean things up a bit, that's all. Or is there a recommended setting for these, maybe something other than default values?


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As you have posted this in "General Wireless Discussion" rather than an Asus forum I'm going to assume you're not asking specifically about Asus routers.

So, I would say either a) leave it as it is - no one is making you look at the log file and it's there if you need it, or b) set it to report "Notice" level or worse messages and then increase the logging level if you need to investigate a problem.


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Since I added Diversion and Skynet to the AC86 the logging has been intense. There is alot of blocking going on!

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