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I've noticed this forum does not allow a logged in user to remain inactive for a long period of time. After ten or fifteen minutes or so, the user automatically gets logged out.

This happens often to me because I usually read these forums at work, where something unexpected can happen at any time, making me an 'inactive' user for a while... at home I also usually do several things at once, often ending in the same result.
It's not so much that the logging out gets annoying, but with every log out, I loose the links to the new unread posts. I'd rather not miss new posts because of this.

Could the period in time be increased to (at least) 1 hour or so?


Could you please extend this to at least an hour or so? I haven't been able to follow the forums the past couple of weeks because I was on vacation, so I figured I'd do it today. Of course I had to catch up with dozens of posts. Unfortunately, I got called away from my pc. Not too long, but long enough for me to get logged out again. Now I've lost all the links to the new posts since last time I logged on. I really really really hate that, because now I might miss some interesting post. :(

Could something be done about that? Maybe it could be set like so that if I logged out without having read all the new posts, the rest of the posts that were still unread would get remembered for next time I log on? (actually that would even be better than just extending the idle time feature)

A similar thing happens to me. All I do is use the Quick Link "Today's Posts".
I'll raise idle time to 1 hour, but not past that.
That's a good alternative (and you can be sure I'll keep visiting SNB on a daily basis! :p)! Thanks Tim!

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