Looking for a NAS solution (mostly backup)

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I have been looking around for a while now and narrowed my choices down I think...

DS212j or DS212 or DS212+

Home use
E3000 Router 10/100/1000
4 PCs in house
3 Gaming consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)

I would like the NAS do the following:
- Backup critical files on each PC (Scheduled). Files include Documents, Photos, Movies, Music. I do not have a problem re-imaging the PCs if need be in the event of a failure, I just want the files backed up.
- Store common files like music, movies, etc. for all PCs
- Stream movies/music to my PS3
- I have about 1 TB of stuff to have on the NAS and it is growing not a fast pace hence the 2 Drive option.
- I am not sure if I can host a web site (per say) so friends and family can access. Like Photos and possible a Blog of some sort.

I am just not sure of the features I need in the above 3 options. I can afford any of the 3, but do not want to waste money on them.

Would like to take a HD into work for offsite storage, so I would be using 3 drives, 2 local, one off site (30 day backup)

Looking for an opinion... Thoughts?


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