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Looking for AP but so many to choose from


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Some time ago I wanted to buy a router but talking with you made me realize that having my own setup would have some interesting advantages. A little bit of time has passed and now, after reading some manuals, watching some guides and such (still noob though ;)) I'm starting to look for specific parts to buy.
Router will be based on some used PC parts and pfSense. I will buy 2.5G NIC with two ports for that (Intel based most likely) - this way I'll get three ports - one for WAN, one for WiFi and one will go to the 2.5G switch (probably QNAP's QSW-1105-5T, I don't have need for managed one and I couldn't find anything better in this price range).
But I have really great issues with finding proper AP for that setup. That's why I thought that maybe some of you have something to say in this regard. My requirements aren't too big:
  • inexpensive - 210€ (about $230) is really a max I can afford, with shipping but of course the lower the better,
  • at least AC wave 2- having AX is a bonus but really not needed,
  • PoE,
  • WPA3 support would be great (future proofing),
  • decent performance - I don't have huge network: few wired devices and about 10 wireless at the moment,
  • decent coverage - I have 53m2 apartment with silicate walls between rooms but the AP won't be in the middle (can't be) but rather on the side,
  • don't mind buying used one,
  • I don't trust cloud management,
  • needs to be available in EU, or better in Poland or at least to complies with regulations in Poland.
I found few interesting APs (at least from specification perspective) and I'm currently trying to find some reviews about them:
  1. Edimax CAX1800 - I like it the most I think. Mostly because it has AX and it's quite new and ticks all the checkbox with downside being price at the edge here.
  2. Edimax CAP1750.
  3. Cisco WAP581 - 2.5G port but would have to find used one and may have problem finding one in EU. Also I was testing network setup with CAP-2602l-E-K9 (cheap, very cheap and old) and if GUI is working similar in newer products from Cisco then...well...I think I would pass. :p
  4. UniFi nanoHD - looks very interesing but I'm not sure about performance/coverage as I've seen some reports that it isn't too good.
  5. Linksys LAPAC1750C.
  6. Mikrotik RBD25G - this one has different mounting...or rather lack of it as it is designed to stand. Which I find interesting because that would give me a way to put it in the middle of the apartment, hiding it behind the TV.
  7. ZyXEL ARMOR X1 - man...this one is cheap compared to all the others...like really cheap. I really wonder what's the trade off is here and if it's really worth it.
  8. ZyXEL has few more models, business oriented (also with AX) but I can't find any price for them here so it's hard for me to put them on my list...
  9. TP-Link EAP245 - cheap but I overall don't trust TP-Link. But it's cheap ;) and have most I wanted I think.
  10. D-Link DAP-2680,
  11. Netgear WAX610 - nice looking one and if the price is at the level of MSRP then it's looking even better...if only not for those voices saying there's problem with long-term support...
As you see the list is quite long (sorry) and I think it covers most companies that can be found within Poland.
If you have any inside knowledge about any of them - please share. Especially if there are some obvious cons. If you know some other model that have some benefits just point them out. Especially there may be some models that are great deal as a used ones but you have to know they actually exists in a first place. :D
It's really hard to find any good reviews for APs so it's really hard for me to filter out this list...

Edit: Added Neatgear WAX610 to the list.
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- Don't buy MikroTik 802.11 ac based accesspoints.

- I missed an ebay auction last week: 1 brand new Aruba IAP-315 for about 90$. That would have been a bargain. Perhaps you are luckier than me.

- From your list I'd buy TP-Link EAP245v3.


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The Cisco WAP581 wireless APs run fine using a 1 gig port but you need POE+ not POE. I run 2 Cisco WAP581 APs and I am still looking for a 2.5 gig port switch. Maybe with the new line of Cisco switches coming out next month.

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