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Luster’s Home Networking Adapter Delivers 2.5 Gbps Actual Data Rates

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This company is planning to release a MoCA 2.5 network adapter that uses 2.5 Gb Ethernet connection.

I contacted them for availability, and received this reply:

Hi Walter,

The HME5000 is not available for end user consumer market now.
We are actively building up channels and also planning for webshops like Amazon.
If you have contact that might be interested to be our reseller/represents in US, your introduction would be appreciated!


Ben Yang, Director, International sales
Luster Teraband Photonics Co., Ltd, Luster LightTech Group

M: +86 138 1160 5238 ㄧ T: +86 10 5234 8616ㄧ E: benyang@lusterinc.com

Anyone interested in being a reseller? :)
I know this is an old thread, but maybe someone will find it interesting. I have recently bought a set of 2 Luster adapters in this Dutch webstore:

Note that the website doesn't have an English version, so unless you speak Dutch, you have to enable automatic translation in your browser (this was my case ;) ). I got my adapters very quickly (I live in Poland), the setup was very easy (practically plug'n'play) and the store employee Jos was extremely friendly & helpful when I had some follow-up questions concerning firmware update. Now I enjoy LAN connections reaching the ISP promised speeds.

By the way, I tried to order GoCoax first, but at the time of my MoCA hunt they weren't easily available in Europe.
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