Media/Plex 4k Transcode Reccomendation?

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My head is spinning reading all the different options for a NAS that's capable of streaming transcoded 4k from Plex.

I want to spend as little as possible and don't really need RAID etc, just the ability to stream and transcode 4K content instead of doing it from my main gaming PC.
Would welcome any recommendations. The budget is about £300 can bang in my own HDDs. Do not know if that's a reasonable budget but could push it a bit if need be.

Thanks much. :cool:


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a two drive NAS, running in raid 1 or jbod depending on preference, with a third drive (USB 3 at least) for backing up the NAS.
Pick one compatible with PLEX. Make sure the drives are NAS rated and make a choice between CMR or SMR type.

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