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Mediaserver endlessly in scanning mode - though not available for access

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New Around Here
Firmware: GT-AXE11000_3004_388.6_0

Since few days the Mediaserver os stuck in scanning mode on the Upnp mediaserver site.
Also before when on 388.5
Several reboots and power off did not help.
Before it worked flawlessly.
Two Ssd connected serving as server for movies.
FTP access to the drives is ok.
SMB acces to the drives is ok.
Does anyone have an idea what the reason might be?
Thx, Nora 🙏


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Auf Deutsch! What does "scanning" in German translate to English? Hahaha!

Although, I feel this is a good place and time to say it, I was traveling (in the U.S.) once and came upon an obviously "foreign" family, which included a daughter near-enough my age. I attempted to talk with her but she said she didn't understand English. Oh, well...

My brother was married to a Swiss girl then and I told her the story. She said "Oh, she just didn't want to talk to you. They have English in school starting very young." Ouch!
Oh, before I get side-tracked again. Do you have an old laptop or any other computer always on? I provide my LAN with UPNP stuff from an old laptop running GNU/Linux (Linux Mint) and minidlna (the same software included with the router). It performs flawlessly for me 24/7. I guess if I had to, I might try it via the router, but if nothing else, being able to alter the source code and compile it I can have "better than 160x160" album art.

Ultimately, I'm guessing you've got a configuration error, either physically or optionally.
Does anyone have an idea what the reason might be?
Couple of suggestions. Check the media file names for special characters and remove them if present. Also check for unsupported media. And check/scan each drive to ensure its healthy and doesn't have errors. Check the metadata of the media files to ensure no special characters. Finally, disconnect both USB drives then attach them one at a time and see if the issue persists.

Also how are the two USB drives connected to the router? Are you using both USB ports? Are you using a powered USB hub or unpowered USB hub if not using both USB ports?

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