MoCA 2.5 - POE Filter Required?

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I'm considering upgrading my network by setting up MoCA adapters on my other floors, and have a quick question on a MoCA filter. I've been TOLD one is installed at the panel, however I don't have easy access to it (the panel is between myself and three of my neighbors, where our four backyards meet).

I'm planning to use 2.5 MoCA adapters with encryption turned on. Between that and the fact that the other homes are not right next to mine would a POE filter be absolutely necessary? While I'm not exactly dealing with state secrets, I'd like to keep my home network somewhat secure.

Thanks in advance!


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I hope I am understanding your question/thought correctly. I tend to think of a POE Filter as a reflector - like a mirror. In which, a signal does not get passed it, and merely reflects back from where it came (roughly speaking). In your case, secure traffic or not, I would feel much better knowing I have a proper POE Filter on my portion of that panel.

If you do not have a filter there at all, the traffic will bleed out to every one's network (possible performance loss), and may not even work. If you have the wrong filter on, you would see drastically reduced speeds or not work at all.

just my thoughts, someone smarter than me can get more technical

EDIT: Just coming to mind, the line from the panel, going into your house ... you could put the POE Filter right there, and ignore what goes on at the panel.
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