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Multi VLAN/subnet with OpenVPN

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Hi, I have a question around multi-subnet environment and routing via OpenVPN on Merlin.

I have a few internal networks for desktop, vms and wifi clients that go out the internet via an AC-88U running Merlin. Subnet addresses are- (desktop), (vms) etc. I have static routes applied on the Asus router to tell it where the networks live. The question I have is- can I configure specific /32 address from all 3 networks to go out via a specific openvpn tunnel via the Asus router or have i over-simplified it in my head?
Hi, thanks for the reply.

I haven't tried it yet but wanted to know if that is possible. Thinking about it logically, it should work as long as the criteria matches the PBR. Just wanted to see if there are any known issues as I remember reading another thread where someone had issues with it.


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