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NAS NTFS Read/Write Support

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Can anyone please recommend a NAS that has both Read & WRITE support for external hard drives attached via USB (or eSata)? I have several 1TB WD My Books that I would like to be able to add to the NAS for additional storage. It seems virtually every NAS I have come across is read only. I realize I could re-format as FAT32, but since many of my files are larger than 4GB, this really is not an option for me. The inability to write to an external NTFS formatted USB drive is a really a dealbreaker for me. Thanks much in advance for the thoughts.
Use EXT3 and http://www.fs-driver.org/ on your PC if you ever need to read the files from one of the external USB disks.

Netgear supports NTFS read/write in their Readynas products. I don't recommend you use it as its really slow (disgustingly slow) and prone to cause problems since it has to be written through a translation driver.

Go for reliability and stick with EXT3.
Thanks for the quick reply. Is there anyway to convert from NTFS to EXT2 w/o erasing the contents of the drive? I have 6TB worth of drives - would hate to have to move the data off, format, and then bring it back. Thanks again.
You can also just buy a NAS with WHS (Windows Home Sever Operating System) installed on it, in which case obviously read/write to NTFS isnt going to be an issue. For example HP sells NAS units that run on WHS, I think Asus as well and Tranquil PC also.

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