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New Around Here

I have just registered here but I have been reading the forums for a while now and I really need help deciding what to get. Currently I have a server that I built 5 years ago while it is still strong (CPU and RAM wise) at the time I bought a very powerful CPU and expensive RAM for what I needed it to do.

Anyway I need more storage ..especially RAID5 or even R6. I need at least 12MB/s that it can read off the "NAS". At least 50 people on probably less on at anytime. The NAS would be used for moving files from the original server to the NAS for "backup purposes" basically like the archives. I don't intend on running anything other than backing up everything from my server to the NAS so just I don't lose the data when I delete.

The server I use already uses a bought FTP server which my clients connect to download data off the server. I was hoping if I buy a NAS I will connect it to the network and map the drive to the FTP server via a folder which I know it can be possible.

The only thing I am afraid of is which one do I need. A rackmount or a box is OK to me. I just need 12MB/s read ..more is great but not required. My requirements are low, however I do need the most data I can put in each box each time. I intend to get a NAS that uses 2TB HDDs.

I was looking at this site http://www.nashq.com/?gclid=CLixm6eG8poCFQMQswod5Fjheg to buy a NAS server.

Hopefully someone can help me here.
The server I am using now is 2xAMD 290 / 4GB RAM / 24TB which I fully own but need more space and buying a new server is not an option since I have enough power here and only need more space which a NAS would be good for. It's running Windows Server 2003 and don't plan on moving it to another OS. I just need a lot of space to add and keep doing it every 2 months (10TB+ if possible)

Thanks again if you indeed can help. I have already have learned some cool information for a home user setup.
Your requirements are pretty simple and low. Use the NAS Charts and set the filters to find products with the throughput that you need. There are many.
Your requirements are pretty simple and low. Use the NAS Charts and set the filters to find products with the throughput that you need. There are many.

I actually did Mr.Thiggins I found many that I liked and their technologies about them but I am new on buying a NAS server. I heard about them but I don't know how exactly they work (right to the core). Once I plug it to the router network and I have the IPs to connect to them is it going to be possible for me to map it out to the clients via my own FTP server instead of using the NAS appliance software to make available of the files contained within that NAS server. That is probably the only "worry" I have. I like many of the Qnap's, I though about asking the same question to them but this forum seems devoted to helping so I though I start out here.

Regardless I still appreciate your response towards my thread even though I seem inactive I do wonder the forums a lot in this browser and my other computers whenever I am not available in this one (much thx)
Do you know if I can use my "own FTP server" rather than the one that becomes equipped. Why would I use my own? because the FTP server that I already own has features I am sure Qnap FTP service doesn't have. I like to have control over the users by limiting their download speed or quota per day,week,month assign any other IPs within the network to different people for security purposes etc.

Other than that I will ask them directly as well. Thank you for those links they are actually cool seeing firsthand.

EDIT: I believe I can but I just glimpsed at it ..will look fully right now though.

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