NETGEAR Moves Orbi Outside


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Cheaper too, I'll bet. How do you power it?


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I bought 50' of UF 14/2 wire and male and female plugs. UF means it can be buried by itself without conduit. Plugs into an outdoor socket on the side of the house and used a spade shovel and made a 12" slit in the ground and ran it up to the box. It's watertight and used silicone caulking where the wire comes into the electrical utility box. The post is a 4' metal fence post. The box is 12"x 12". Bought everything at Lowes. Spray painted it to help it blend in. My cameras have 4 green lines for reception when I reinstalled the wifi. The orbi is about 40' from the house and connects to the router with no problems. I tested the distance first with the satellite and extension cord before I bought everything. It's been in the teens here in Georgia and everything works fine.


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The new outdoor model tech specs say -20C to +50C.
People using them in Canada would want to bring them home for the winter then - coldest nights in Montreal can drop to -30C. Not very common (typically happens 2-3 a year at most), but still worth considering if people expected to use them as a permanent installation.


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It's in a shaded area and usually, the max temp is 95-98F. We'll see. The new outdoor Orbi is good to 122f.


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Netgear introduced the latest add on for its Orbi system the Orbi RBS50Y Outdoor Satellite. Expanding wifi coverage has been a frequent ask for Orbi customers. This unit fills that gap. The RBS50Y is a AC3000 unit what is wall mounted. It is waterproof as you would expect and will do well in wet climates. Netgear rates the Orbi outdoor with coverage of 2500sq ft and multiple units can be used for greater coverage.

Here is the link to the Orbi product page.

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