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Networking and Wifi: Edge Firewall and ASUS (AP Mode)

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New Around Here
Hello everyone,
i m experiencing some problems reaching my goal (probably i m just so bad at netwoking :rotfl: ), and i m getting a little bit mad.

I have a Lan-edge firewall between my asus Router (internal Network, with both Wifi and Wired Clients) and the ISP's Router.
On the Firewall's traffic logs, i cant see the IP Address of the WiFi Clients, because it looks like they are getting all NATted by the Router's IP itself. In this way i cant do Segmentation/Segregation through Firewall's Policies.
I tryed to fix the issue, setupping the Asus in AP Mode but still the same...

Getting Able to setup FW Policies in order to segregate clients (both wired and wifi) with policies

Thanks in advance for who will join the thread

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