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New camera wiring problem - hope someone can help!

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So I've just bought three reolink cameras and have just run cable for the first camera. I've run a cable from my PoE switch to a patch panel and then through my attic (bungalow) to nearby my front door.

My cable tester shows that all eight wires are 'green' and therefore supposedly wired correctly, but when I try to connect the camera, the lights on the camera come on but it fails to connect - also strangely (despite the lights on the camera coming on) the PoE switch's LED that shows it's drawing PoE power doesn't light up and there's no network activity on that LED either.

Connect the camera directly to the PoE switch via a 2m ethernet cable or even a 25m cable and the camera works perfectly and the switch's LEDs light as expected, showing both PoE power draw and network activity. I tested with the 25 m cable because the cable run from my server closet to the front door is about 15m.

I'm baffled ! Any ideas?

Obviously if the cable tester showed a fault then I'd just redo the patch panel and the ethernet plug where the cable ends by the front door - and I might just redo these anyway because all I can come up with at the moment is that the cable tester is faulty. It was pretty cheap, but seems to have been reliable enough previously when I did the ethernet around my home.
probably too much voltage drop over the distance (resistance or starting volage too low). Maybe the POE output is not matched to the draw spec of the camera ?
You can get a POE injector for cheap (<40) and solve the issue. Just turn off POE on the switch.

Make sure the spec of the injector matches or exceeds the required power of the camera.
As I said I tested that theory by testing the camera with a cable that is 25m long instead of the less than 15m that is the actual length of the run. I've realised since that my PoE switch ( DGS-1210-08P) has a cable testing section. That's reporting faults with the cable that's problematic but reporting everything is OK with a known good cable, so at least that's consistent.

I'm just re-doing the patch panel - I know the wiring was correct, but seating the small wires on this patch panel is a bit tricky so it's the obvious place to start.
That was my thinking - Same problem after re-seating the patch panel wires so I'll do the end plug tomorrow (very late in the UK now) - but I wonder how unusual it is for new cable to arrive with faults? I installed it myself so I know it wasn't abused in the process. I've got a 100 metres of the stuff so I hope it's not all bad!
Just to close out this thread - turns out I'd got one end of the cable's wiring backwards. What puzzles me is how a cable tester gave me green lights on all eight wires with my having got it so wrong! Anyway, much happier to have realised I just made a stupid mistake than to replace the entire cable run! Thanks
green = continuity only ?

Have to have termination tester with wiring pattern ( A or B) specific on the end.
Make sure you don't unravel too much wire on your connections. Make your wiring connections short and tight.

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