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New NAS required(?)- all views welcome. Thanks

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and that is the primary reason to avoid QNAP... a lot of mfg's were great and acted responsibly (including cisco) with that intel atom disaster - but not QNAP...

they threw away a lot of customer goodwill which is NEVER easy to recoup and exhibited deplorable behavior in that instance...

If you read between the lines... it's a whole package - if one has a great product, but terrible customer care...

I was that customer - it was a QTS update that triggered a reboot, and that was it - done, fini, over and out... and when I reached out to their customer care, it was "sorry about it, you're out of warranty", and the rep offered to sell me a new unit - not a mainboard as a part replacement, but a whole new unit

So I had a four disk array of data, a semi-urgent need to get things back on line, and I ordered another TS453Pro on my dime and have it shipped overnight from CDW - yes, was able to move the array over and get it back online and in production.

By the time it was all done - my time debugging alone, plus the out of pocket expenses and my experience with customer (don't) care - it was basically three times what I initially paid for the NAS box from QNAP in the first place.

I still have it, it does what it is supposed to do, but when making the choice to get another NAS box (just recently), QNAP was obviously not the first choice.

Maybe my case was an exception - it was customer care that really failed on the followup - HW/SW, QNAP is fine I suppose, but...
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Reliability and security trump blazing fast speed. I want something I can count on when it comes to storage. Speed is secondary.

By nature, a NAS is a huge single point of failure risk because of the concentration of data it holds, so yes, I agree, reliability it an absolute (along with a backup strategy of the data of course)....
Synology has IMHO better software, but is far behind in hardware (923+ has 1Gbe and an upgrade for 10Gbe must be purchased), and that is pitiful.

Yeah, that card is a bit spendy...

Also note that if one needs to reinstall DSM, it won't boot from that interface, one has to use one of the 1Gbe LAN ports on the unit... minor quibble I'm sure.
@sfx2000, I don't recommend 2 Bay NAS' for anything critical (data), let alone anything with the weakest CPUs in them. I understand your frustration. QNAP could have gone above and beyond, but they didn't have to. And yes, I would feel the same if that happened to me too. If anyone was to blame, I would point to Intel on that one.

I'm not one to believe in warranties though either. If something fails in my network, it is unlikely I would continue to run the same after it was (supposedly) fixed. I would junk it, buy something else, and move on.

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